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Key Facts:
Project start: 1 January 2011
Project end: 31 December 2012
Funding Scheme: European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme
(Coordination and Support Action)
EU Contribution: 1,423,082 €
Grant Agreement Nr: 263962


Coordinator: Collaborating Centre
on Sustainable Consumption and
Production (CSCP)
Project Director: Cheryl Hicks
Project Manager: Nora Brüggemann

EC Scientific Officer: Perla Srour-Gandon

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SPREAD Project content

Project Activities

What we will develop.

SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 aims to develop a vision of sustainable lifestyles for Europe in 2050. This includes a roadmap of societal innovation actions needed to realize this vision. Through a multi-stakeholder process, the project:

  • Analysis and mobilization of current knowledge, experiences, new models and promising practices on environmentally, socially and economically sustainable lifestyles, including issues related to health, welfare, education and ageing populations;

  • Development of four scenarios for sustainable lifestyles by 2050 with four focus areas: sustainable moving, sustainable living, sustainable consuming, and sustainable society;

  • Visualization of concepts, visions, ideas and actions for new models of sustainable ways of living;

  • Preparation of policy recommendations and a research agenda for societal and social innovation and for the implementation and mainstreaming of the project’s vision for sustainable lifestyles in the EU by 2050.
SPREAD Project Content

Package 1
The Baseline Report: existing knowledge on sustainable lifestyles
Description Stocktaking activities to create an inventory of existing knowledge in form of a baseline report to provide an overview of existing relevant studies and understand which barriers and drivers impede or encourage more sustainable lifestyles.
Package 2
Social Platform Launch Conference & Workshop Series I: Introducing living, moving, consuming and healthy lifestyles
Description A conference to officially launch the social platform and to meet and work in the four working group theme areas.
Package 3
Workshop Series II: Envisioning the potential for new sustainable lifestyles and their enabling factors
Description Visual materials presenting emerging best practices and a Policy Brief on sustainable lifestyles with barriers, drivers and the role of gatekeepers.
Package 4
Workshop Series III: Future scenarios for new European social models
Description Four visualized and systemic future scenarios for new European social models which encourage a combination of economic, social and environmentally sustainable lifestyles in 2050; includes an illustrated timeline for each scenario with necessary steps to get to this vision.
Package 5
Policy brief presenting the roadmap for sustainable lifestyles in 2050 with short and long term recommendations for different stakeholders and closing conference report.
Description Policy brief presenting the roadmap for sustainable lifestyles in 2050 with short and long term recommendations for different stakeholders and closing conference report.
Package 6
Research Agenda
Description Final research agenda and recommendations for research policy that outlines future research needs to fill the knowledge gaps on sustainable lifestyles within European social models.
Package 7
People’s Forum for identifying the meaning of sustainable lifestyles from the perspective of everyday life
Description Brings a ‘real-world’ perspective into the project through collecting information from everyday citizens participating in the People’s Forum interviews and focus groups and reporting and quantifying the results.
Package 8
Communication & Dissemination
Description Project leaflets; Report on website and online platform interim evaluation; Short movies on emerging sustainable practices; Booklet summarizing the main results of the project
Project Management & Coordination
Description Project management and coordination is concerned with setting up mechanisms for communication between project partners, establishing and implementing the project governance structure, overseeing and reporting on project progress and interacting with the European Commission.