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Key Facts:
Project start: 1 January 2011
Project end: 31 December 2012
Funding Scheme: European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme
(Coordination and Support Action)
EU Contribution: 1,423,082 €
Grant Agreement Nr: 263962


Coordinator: Collaborating Centre
on Sustainable Consumption and
Production (CSCP)
Project Director: Cheryl Hicks
Project Manager: Nora Brüggemann

EC Scientific Officer: Perla Srour-Gandon

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News List

Monday 2011-07-11
Win paid travel to Milan! How would you update your lifestyle to live more sustainably?

Participate in our SPREAD summer challenge: Try to live one month a lifestyle that you consider to be more sustainable than the one you are living now. What did you aspire to change and why? What was easy? What was difficult and why? Will you update your lifestyle to this more sustainable one going [more]

Thursday 2011-07-07
The SPREAD launch conference "The future of sustainable lifestyles and entrepreneurship" report now online!

Now is available the report of our SPREAD launch conference. The document provides many notions about sustainable lifestyles and how they can be fostered by sustainable entrepreneurship, policy and visualisation tools, abstracts of the experts’ contributions and a summary of the workshops. Some advi[more]

Monday 2011-05-30
"The Future of Low-Energy Lifestyles" Workshop coming soon

SPREAD online community

Are you based in Brussels and interested in lifestyles and energy issues? Then register now for our upcoming event "The Future of Low-Energy Lifestyles", taking place on 27 June 2011 in the European Parliament in Brussels. [more]

Monday 2011-04-18
Launch Conference Agenda: Preliminary draft now available

SPREAD online community

The agenda for the launch conference of the SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 project is now available. This “un”-conference “The Future of Sustainable Lifestyles and Entrepreneurship” in Cologne (Hürth), starting on 24 May 2011 will be a highly interactive, experiential and experimental two days. [more]

Monday 2011-04-18
Launch Conference: Final agenda now available

SPREAD online community

We proudly present the final agenda for the SPREAD launch conference entitled “The Future of Sustainable Lifestyles and Entrepreneurship”, which is now available. The conference will take place in Hürth (Cologne) starting on 24th May and ending on 25th May. Over 300 participants from various countri[more]