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Key Facts:
Project start: 1 January 2011
Project end: 31 December 2012
Funding Scheme: European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme
(Coordination and Support Action)
EU Contribution: 1,423,082 €
Grant Agreement Nr: 263962


Coordinator: Collaborating Centre
on Sustainable Consumption and
Production (CSCP)
Project Director: Cheryl Hicks
Project Manager: Nora Brüggemann

EC Scientific Officer: Perla Srour-Gandon

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SPREAD About the Project

News & Events


When? Meeting description & location
May 24 & 25, 2011 The Future of Sustainable Lifestyles Conference; Cologne, Germany:
Launch Conference and Working Group Workshop Series I
For more information see: www.future-lifestyles-entrepreneurship.org
June 27 2011 Workshop on Sustainable Lifestyles in the Energy field;
Brussels, Belgium
September 22 & 23 2011 Working Group Workshop Series II:
Envisioning the potential for new sustainable lifestyles and their enabling factors,
Milano, Italy
For more information see: www.sustainable-lifestyles.eu/about-the-project/news-events/building-visions.html
September 21 2011 Working Group Core Team Meetings;
Milano, Italy
November 10 2011 EU Stakeholder conferenc: Visions and Policy Action; Brussels, Belgium
For more information see: www.sustainable-lifestyles.eu/about-the-project/news-events/visions-and-action-conference.html
November 23 & 24 2011 Workshop Series III:
Future scenarios and back-casting stakeholder workshop,
Helsinki, Finland
For more information see: www.sustainable-lifestyles.eu/about-the-project/news-events/counting-backwards.html
January-February 2012 4 face-to-face and 1 virtual People’s forum meetings. For more information see: www.sustainable-lifestyles.eu/about-the-project/news-events/people_forum_ifuture.html
June 14 & 18 2012 Side events at Rio+20
For more information see: www.sustainable-lifestyles.eu/news/newsdetails/article/spread-at-rio-20-join-our-side-event-on-june-14.html
September 2012 Closing conference; Brussels, Belgium

Latest News

Monday 2011-04-18
Up to 400 participants make SPREAD launch conference a great success

SPREAD online community

The SPREAD team would like to thank all our speakers and participants of our SPREAD launch conference "The Future of Sustainable Lifestyles and Entrepreneurship", which took place in 24-25 May in Hür[more]

Sunday 2011-04-03
Get into the conference mood and prepare with our background report

SPREAD online community

We have prepared a draft baseline report to provide participants of our SPREAD launch conference "The Future of Sustainable Lifestyles & Entrepreneurship" with some background on the current knowledge[more]

Sunday 2011-04-03
Discussion about research topics related to sustainable lifestyles

SPREAD online community

On our SPREAD online community a full range of research topics related to sustainable lifestyles is presented. Now we would like to know if you think the proposed topics are new and worth to do rese[more]

Sunday 2011-04-03
Memorandum on research topics related to sustainable lifestyles available

SPREAD online community

Thanks to lively contributions from external experts and participants to our SPREAD online community the SPREAD team has identified a full range of research topics related to sustainable lifestyles. [more]

Tuesday 2011-03-01
Open online community: Join the discussion!

SPREAD online community

The SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 online community is open at www.sustainable-lifestyles.eu/community. What does a sustainable lifestyle look and feel like – now and tomorrow? Share your ideas an[more]